Conformance | Whitelisted Violations

Hi Team,

We are working on the process conformance module in Celonis. We are currently getting the details of a violation through the use of the conformance query in an OLAP table.

However, we need to get the count of the whitelisted violations also exported to an OLAP table.
When a violation is whitelisted it gets added as conforming activity and we are not able to differentiate a whitelisted violation from conforming activity.

Is there a way in which I can obtain the count of the Violations and also the Whitelisted Violations in a component using some formula.

Thanks in Advance

Hi Soham Potdar,

a way to get the count of whitelisted violations is to create two conformance queries one without whitelist and one with the whitelisted ones and then subtract. you can duplicate your variable and just remove the whitelited once at the end of it. the other variable that is linked to your conformance sheet gets updated automatically. keep in mind that if you change your BPMN model then you have to update the other variable.

Hope that helps.

Thank you for the help team :slight_smile:

Hi Team,

Just wanted to check if there is a way to bulk adding of violations to Allowlist In Conformance analysis or can it only be done one by one (Review each violation one by one and then add to allowlist)