Conformance Checker Cropping

Hi Team,

We have been using Conformance checker sheet in Celonis for testing conformance on our processes. When we perform the conformance check we usually use the crop selection filter on the top to limit our process to a certain set of activities(i.e. a part of the process) which we need to test on the basis of the process model. However, in certain scenarios, we need to also substitute this with a query in the load script which we are doing it using the below mentioned query:

WHEN “Activity_table”.“activity_column” = ‘A’
WHEN “Activity_table”.“activity_column” = ‘B’
ELSE “Activity_table”.“activity_column” END
) = 1
THEN ‘Crop’
= ‘Crop’;

The above query is working fine and we can see the cases getting filtered in all the components. However, if we deep-dive in some violation from the conformance sheet there is an issue with the analysis where we have the load script filters.

With Load script as cropping:
In this scenario when we deep dive for the violation and wish to see it in a variant explorer we are not able to see the variant explorer getting filtered on the basis of the selection (i.e. Let us suppose the violation is ‘Activity A is undesired’ and I wish to now view the cases in variant explorer for this violation, I see that the variants that are shown after applying filter on those violating cases do not represent that violation)

With the selection as cropping:
In this scenario the when we deep-dive for the violation and wish to view the cases in variant explorer the variant explorer gets filtered on the basis of selection and works fine

Also, we need to have the load script for the cropping since we have to apply multiple filters with logical conditions (i.e OR, AND etc.) which I believe will not be possible using the selection filters.

It would be of great help if anyone would help me with the issue. Please let me know if I am missing out on anything.

Soham Potdar

Hi Soham,

I guess the behavior you observe is as intended: selection as cropping is analysis wide, load script cropping is sheet specific. So when you have load script cropping this only works on the conformance sheet, not on the variant sheet for instance.

What you could do is apply load script filters on all sheets, and make a button that sets the filter to the one you use on the conformance sheet, or to clear it s.t. there is no filter.

Would this work for you?

Regards, Joos