Conditional color mapping of activities in variant explorer


Does anyone know if conditional coloring of activities in Variant Explorer is possible? I want the activities to be colored based on a specific value. However, I want the formatting to be based on a calculation rather than a fixed value which would allow me to see the differences among different process variants. These can be used for different use cases such as:

  1. Quick identification of activities with highest cost in a process (in terms of time or money, or Time-driven acitivity based costing)
  2. Identification of activities with the highest automation potential

I will appreciate any suggestion. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @ivan.hampel,

thanks for the question.

You can achieve this with Process Explorer KPIs that you can dynamically steer.

Click here to navigate through this analysis in order to get to know how to set up Process Explorer KPIs and also manipulate thresholds with a variable input.

This showcase shows you how you can identify activities based on process costs. But with the Process Explorer KPIs you have also the opportunity to apply other KPIs

Addressing your second question: You can also identify the automation rate, but identification has to be done manually.
This could potentially be a good use case for the Action Engine.

If you have further questions, ideas or feedback please let us know.