Component Filter using KPI as filter requirement

I am trying to filter a OLAP table with the component filter. I have a KPI that is comparing three date values and is capturing the lastest date. I want to filter the OLAP table in the component filter where the Latest Date is blank to not appear in the table.

I have tried the following and have been unsucessful:
FILTER KPI(“LatestDate”) != NULL
FILTER KPI(“LatestDate”) != ’ ’

Error message: ‘Operator implementation could not be found or wrong types. Comparator is not implemented yet.’

Thank you

Hello Neel,

you cannot compare to NULL using the equals operator. However, you can use the ISNULL function to determine whether a value is NULL or not (ISNULL returns 1 if the argument is NULL, and 0 otherwise).

So this filter statement should work:

FILTER ISNULL(KPI("LatestDate")) = 0;

Your second FILTER statement does not work because you are trying to compare a Date to a String, which is not possible.

Hope this helps!



thank you for that

This still did not work for me. When I make the comp filter FILTER ISNULL(KPI(“LatestDate”)) = 0; the results remains the same and the LatetstDate = - are still on the table



do you use the same KPI inside the OLAP table as a column, or a different one? Do you have other dimensions in your OLAP table such that the NULL-values could come from a join without a join partner? You could test the latter point if you remove all the other dimensions from the OLAP table and see if the NULL values are still there.