Central location for Release Notes and other documentation


Is there a common location to access Release Notes for each of the versions of Celonis?

With release 4.3, release notes can be found in the New Features section on help.celonis.de and can be searched for using the search bar, however, this doesn’t exist for version 4.4 nor for any previous version of Celonis. I had to reach out to our customer success manager to obtain the 4.4 patch notes.

With these new boards, having a centralized document location accessible to search through by customers would make it very helpful to find relevant information, help answer questions, and stay up to date on the latest features, patches, and bug fixes.


Hello Dallas,

indeed, we are currently working on providing all notes and guides regarding previous and new Celonis updates on help.celonis.de.

We have already started to make this happen, following everything you need to know about Celonis 4.4:

Please do not hesitate to contact the Celonis ServiceDesk (servicedesk@celonis.de) if you need any additional notes/guides.