Celonis on the Ipad is the new Black - especially on CPM 4.5


Short Video: CPM 4.5 + Ipad = :heart:

Dear all -
just a short video testing 4.5 on my Ipad where the “eye” for the filtering now finally does work on IOS.
This is a perfect one-page dashboard use case especially for our executive management which is also using Celonis Process mining. At the moment the predominant usage is via the Stories - however, with the now functioning UI aspects in IOS coupled with much better performance - it’s going to attract a totally new user universe here at Siemens.

Love to hear if you have already similar experience you could share!


Hi Thi,

Thanks for sharing this inspiring idea!
I’m assuming you’re accessing Celonis via the web browser? (and not a dedicated app etc.)
How is performance? I can imagine the interactivity might be heavy for a tablet.


Yes, just our Intranet Browser which is basically Safari with group policy with VPN.
Actually we were using for quite some while now, but without the performance from CPM 4.5 it was a showstopper and also the “eye” could not be clicked on iOS. Now it can be clicked!

regarding the interactivity, it is absolutely fine since the use case is Dashboards with limited changes in filters.

I will make a 2nd video to go through more screens in a bit




I only now realize you’re running 4.5! Did you get a preview version? For me 4.5 is not out yet.

But good to know 4.5 has the necessary performance improvements, which are also useful for mobile devices.


Yes, performance is much better.
on the Ipad I would recommend really only stuff with no scrolling involved --> see

the video

where you can realize that I stumble upon the scrolling aspect.
Otherwise I am very happy with performance.