Calling any open source API from Celonis directly

Hi All,

We are trying to get some data from an open source API. The data extracted from that API would be in json format. We are thinking of calling the API directly on Celonis.
So, I have two questions

  1. Can we directly call any API on Celonis?
  2. If Yes, Can we convert that data from json to Table format on the front end?

If there is any alternative to do this, we would like to experiment that also.

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Hello @pushpendrasharma,

I know of a way to achieve this, unfortunate it is not in the Celonis frontend as far I know. However, Celonis 4.5 and higher support a Python API. Via this Python API you can push new tables to data models.
What you could do is call the API in Python and convert the JSON data to a pandas Dataframe, then ultimately push the pandas Dataframe as a new table to your specific model.
This table you can then use in Celonis to perform your analysis.

Best regards,
Paul Velthuis


Thanks @paul!!

Can we write/upload actual Python script on Python API?

Can you please provide any link or documentation available for this?

Best regards,
Pushpendra Sharma


  1. Yes you can write and upload an actual Python script on the Python API, but as said the end result should fit in a Pandas dataframe, because such a dataframe is then uploaded to Celonis.

  2. For the documentation and the API I think you should ask your success manager for Celonis.


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I can send you a link to the Documentation, could you tell me the Celonis version you are using, and whether you are SAP or direct customer?


Hey @d.becher,

We are using Celonis 4.5 and are a direct customer.

Many thanks in advance!!!


Hi Pushpendra,

you can find the documentation here: (for CPM 4.5 please use celonis-tools version 1.0.0).

In order to convert your json to a pandas dataframe, you may want to use the pandas.read_json() function.

If you have any more questions, let me know.