Button Dropdown Title

Hi there,

I created a button dropdown for an olap table to show a certain KPI for various dimensions such as vendor, company code etc. How do need to name the dropdown so that it shows the name of the chosen dimension:

Just calling it the same as my variable will set the name to the exact entry as what is in the “set value” box.

I tried something like: <%ButtonDrilldown1 ==’<%= PT_Category %> ? ‘Payment Term Category’: ‘’%> but than the title box just stays empty :frowning:

Thanks already for your help!

Hi Fiona,

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The easiest way to achieve the desired effect is to create a second variable, with a name like “ButtonDrilldown1_name”. Then if you click on “Add another variable” you can write a value to this variable that you want written in the name. The button name can then be changed to “Dimension: <%= ButtonDrilldown1_name %>”.

The advantage of this solution is that you can use the variable in other place in the analysis where the value selected by button drop down is used. I.e. if you are using the button dropdown to control the dimension used in an OLAP table you can use <%= ButtonDrilldown1_name %> in the Dimension name to make it easy for the viewer to follow what’s going on.

Does this answer your question?

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