Business case calculation - Time Factor use

Hi everyone!
I’m currently trying to work with the Business case for Accounts Payables, based on a template i have for Purchasing
i have seen that for the Euro saving calculation there is taken into account “Time Factor”.
what does it bring to the formula? i am struggling to understand the meaning of it
the formula is :

thank you

Hi Tatiana,

This part of the formula exists to normalize the business case to yearly savings.

DAYS_BETWEEN measures the days between the first and the last Purchase Order creation in the table EKKO (EKKO.AEDAT). Dividing the days in a year by the number of days in the time period of your data outputs the right multiplication factor to normalize the data to yearly savings. E.g. if you have only loaded 6 months of data in Celonis the formula outputs a multiplication factor of 2 to get to yearly savings amount :slight_smile: