Bottom up? Or Top Down? Middle Ground? All of the above!


So here we are - the questions of questions. And it has such a simple answer.

If you care about content, you always must do bottom up.
If you need the management buy-in and support to keep “motivation” and tone from the top, you desire top down.

Chances are, you do need both - so do both --> at the same time!
We got interviewed by Forrester Research and they told us that this is the so-called Middle Ground approach, fine with us!

But I think there is one more extremely important aspect if you really want to enable sustainable change for good within your organization: focus on the human touch. It’s the pragmatic thing to do, because then you can basically crowdsource the work and start a real movement. We have been able to institutionalize O2C process mining within 3 months when we have had over 500 users in about 50 countries. We peaked at around 1000 users for now in over 70 countries and have now around 800 active users. We did this with a team of only 3 colleagues who only dedicate a fraction of their time to this technology and tool.