Bold entry variable input

Hi All,

Currently I have a dropdown button with manual entries. All of these entries set two variables, of which one concerns the name of the selected entry.

Preferred value to set for the name:
“Exclude Invoice Value of Zero: Yes

However, so far I didn’t find a way to get this ‘Yes’ in bold. Regular ctrl + B as well as ‘’ and ‘’ (double asterisk) operators don’t work. Is there any way to get this done?

Thank you!

Hi Jeroen,

Does it work if you make it this way?
[b] value [/b]

You can find this by making a text block and use ‘BB Code’




Thanks for your quick reply. As you mentioned, it works in a text block. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do so in a variable. Also using the <‘strong>…<’/strong> operator doesn’t work.

Any other suggestions?

Hi Jeroen,

Sorry, I didn’t understand totally your question, but now I do. I tried to reproduce your problem, and it looks that the button title only shows plain text instead of text with mark-up like a text box. For now, I don’t have a solution for that.

Kind regards,