Automation Rate Calculation in SAP

Hello Experts,
I would like to seek your suggestions on the Automation Rate calculation for any process step. For backend system as SAP we are using the User Type field to identify whether a particular transaction have been done by manual or automatic user. However we have numerous cases in which a manual user triggers a batch job in SAP. Some would say that as there is a human touch involved the transactions should be considered as manual. However my argument is that if this batch job creates / changes multiple documents within a very short period (e.g. 1000 sales orders created within 1-2 mins) then it definitely cannot be done by a human.
As all these documents have a manual user ID attached to it hence currently they are being considered under manual bucket which is reflecting lower automation rate than actual. However we cannot completely consider only these user IDs under automated as these users can also create a document manually as well.
Can you let me know how we can handle this situation. Can someone from our peer community enlighten what they did in their organizations.

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Hi Anindya,

thank you for this question. I think a discussion around automation rates is highly welcome by all users for the community. As a starting point the following post might help: Ignoration of user type for specified activities. The code there goes into the direction you were talking about. The user in the post used 20 seconds as a reasonable threshold.

However, maybe others have some good ideas as well as this is not always easy to tackle.


Hey Anindya,

we had the same discussion in our company and implemented temporarily a solution on database level in HANA DB.

Very rough: we have so called Masstransactions in SAP (custom transactions) developed by our company.

We checked (for certain activities) if the same manual user performed an activity in more than one sales order within timeframe of e.g 10 seconds. If yes, the user name was set to MASSTRANSACTION and the usertype was changed to B (which in SAP is batch/background/system).
By this the Masstransctions are considered as automated.

However we also changed the automation rate calculation in Celonis. The reason here was: we noticed some activities in SAP trigger other activities (e.g. Change requested delivery date —> Change Billing Date)
We did not want the 2 activities to be counted twice as manual by the Automation Rate calculation.

If you are interested I can share the change we made to the calculation and we can discuss about it.

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Hello Marcel,

We are facing the same issue in my company and I am more than interested to know the adaptation you made in the automation rate calculation.

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@gvanenis You mean the mass transaction topic I talked about, or the topic with transactions triggering others what we only wanted to count as 1 activity ?

Transaction triggering others that we want to remove from the calculation.

@gvanenis Basically for the automation rate, we changed from counting manual activities based on “ACTIVITY_EN” column to counting “DISTINCT EVENTTIME”.
Our thought was that we do not want to count all activities, because this would also count activities that trigger others as more than one activity.
As in SAP the triggering and triggered activity in most of the cases have the same timestamp, we changed to count the “DISTINCT EVENTTIME” so two activites (1 triggering, 1 triggered) with the timestamp are counted as 1 instead of two.

Is this understandable? Do you have any remarks? I am willed to discuss if this option is suitable. Feel free to share your Automation rate calculation and i can give an example on how we changed it.
Thanks for your Feedback.

Thanks a lot for you response. It looks logic indeed. But are you sure the timestamp will be exactly the same? There may be a few second between them. The formula we currently use is the standard one but we want to improve it.