Aggregation filter for a table with a dimension


I have a question on how to filter a table with a dimension, and a aggregation.

For example I have a olap table with:

Dimension A | Count(Dimension)
abc | 5
cde | 10

Now I would like to create a filter on top of this olap table and filter out everything that has a count of the dimension lower than 6.

From the documentation regarding filtering I understand that I filter will not work, in this post I am looking for an alternative.

I would appreciate any help on how to do this.


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Hello Paul,

you can use a PU aggregation for this. Checkout the second example of :wink:


This works, however if I put a filter in the load script, then it will not give me the correct result anymore, since the PU somehow ignores this filter.

Hi Paul,

yes, PU functions do not respect filters and selections. However, you can pass a filter statement inside the PU function. You can see examples in the Documentation mentioned above.


I see. Is this not a bit weird behaviour, since I as a user would expect that sheet or analysis filters are respected for all calculations in the sheet or analysis?

The reason for this behavior is that PU functions were designed to be used in a FILTER statement (like you do here as well). If they would consider FILTERs themselves, the order of the FILTER statements would matter. However, FILTER statements in Celonis are “stable”, which means they don’t interfere with each other.