Action engine filter by attribute of a specific activity

I am trying to create a filter for the action engine, that filters out cases, where CHANGED_FROM attribute of a ‘change order quantity’ activity has specified value (<1).
Important is that this attribute CHANGED_FROM is maintained also for other activities, but these values are not relevant for me.

First I did just two separate filters:

  1. Cases include ‘change order quantity’

But the second filter apparently looks also at other activities, so it took some of the not relevant activities, which gave me false positives.

How can I configure that filter that it really only looks on the value of CHANGED_FROM of activity ‘change order quantity’?

Thanks a lot in advance

Hi Masha, How about creating an activity and a value variable (e.g. varActivity and varValue)? Then create a Dropdown to filter on Activity that sets the activity variable, and an Variable Input field that sets the value variable. You could then perhaps apply the filter with the variables using the load script. I haven’t tested if this works; it may need some further exploring.