Wrong results of a Running total when scrollbar pinned to the right

Hello community,

I want to visualize the development of a Running total calculated as the difference between an input number and an output number (to show the stock). As dimension I use a combination of the calendar week and the year. Since this means that I have a lot of values I would like to show the latest ones only and therefore pin the scrollbar of the line chart to the right.

However, this ends up in a wrong calculation of the Running total, since it starts calculating with the values on the right side. That ends up in wrong (negative) values of the stock.

Is there any possibility to overcome this issue and somehow pin the scrollbar to the right and still let the Running total calculate correctly? An alternative solution would be to limit the values shown to the latest 20 or so. However, this also ends up in wrong results since the Running total only takes the shown values into account then.

Thanks for your help!


Hello Maximilian,

I reprocuded the scenario and got a similiar issue. I have forwarded the topic to our development team. and will come back to you as soon as I have further information.



I just came up with this issue today.

Any evolution from the development team?

Thank you.

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Hi all,

I got the feedback that this issue should be resolved by now.

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