Write the results of KPI to a variable


We have created a list of KPIs that are visualized in a world map. The user select using the buttons the KPI they are interested and the map is updated accordingly. (screen 1)

Tolerances are setup manually, using variable assignments (screen 2)

Our problem is that we want to Generate dynamic thresholds based on KPIs results.

For example, the result of the select KPI for all records is 0.513% and I would like to use this value to set it up as the upper tolerance, when user selects “Automatic Thresholds” , I tried different ways but I always get the variables place holders are writing using Text and not with the value of the KPI. (Screen 3) – Is it possible to write the results of KPI to a variable?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Cristian,

I would actually directly use the KPI instead of writing it to a variable, since it most probably cause issues regarding nested KPI/variables.
You could directly write the KPI("P2P A4-USD_0_KRI") to the limit, but please take care that the percentage format is correct. In your case I would write KPI(“P2P A4-USD_0_KRI”)*100 in the (red) color threshold.
For the other color thresholds, you could also calculate the KPI, for example everything that is greater/less than 50% of the KPI should be green or yellow. For this you could use following formula in the respective color threshold:
(KPI("P2P A4-USD_0_KRI")*100)/2

Let me know if that works,


Dear Viana,
Thanks a lot for your response, Your proposal works, However my main issue is that the same analysis will have multiple KPIs, I can not tight the “Selected_KRI” button to a single KPI, Selected_KRI will be populated with the KPI formula based on customer selection.

Make sense what the problem is?
Thanks a lot,