What is the basic difference between View and Analysis in Studio


Please help me to understand what is the major differences between view and analysis, as view needed YAML coding a take time then analysis creation which we are now good in it. Both are used to show insights of the process, and if needed we can develop the analysis in different ways to get the persona based look.

Got an answer from celonis Team
Hi Pritam,

Views are the evolution of the Analysis UI and offer a more guided user interaction. Views also allow to design persona-specific user-interfaces; e.g. Action Views, Steering Views, etc. A View can be based on one or multiple Knowledge Models meaning that data, insights, tasks from different data models can be visualized and interacted with in the same View. The Views of an app are created in the Studio and can be accessed by the end-users via the “Business Views”.

An Analysis helps to identify execution gaps in your process. Within a Package, you can create Analyses as you might know from Process Analytics. Currently, there are slight differences between the analysis service offered in the Process Analytics and the analysis service that is offered in the Package. Creating analyzes in the studio has the benefit of versioning and better integration with other services offered by Celonis. It is now possible to keep multiple analyzes with different data models next to each other.

At this point got the difference perfectly to get which one is needed to be pitched in when needed