What does the Eventlog Automerge option in Data Model overview do?

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Since a short while we see the option ‘eventlog automerge’ in the data model overview (see attached screenshot). However, this is not mentioned in the Release Notes or online documentation. Does somebody knows what this option is for? Thanks in advance!



Hi Jan-peter,

If the option ‘Eventlog Automerge’ is activated all eventlogs (activity tables) that are present in the data model are automatically merged together. The eventlog that is marked as default in the data model is the eventlog which every other eventlog is merged into. The newly created “merged” eventlog is joined to the default case table and can be addressed within the analysis by “_CEL_MERGED_ACTIVITIES”.“column”.

I hope this helps!

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Celonis Data Science Team

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Thanks for the clear answer and a nice feature to have. Hope to bring it into practice soon!