VLOOKUP similar function in PQL

I need to perform something like the VLOOKUP in PQL.

In particular, in my O2C_VBAK table I added a column EDIPartner, that pulls the EDI Partner number (EDPAR.KUNNR) for the concerned VBAK.KUNNR.

Now, I want to make a drop down filter in my analysis, so that user can choose different EDI Partners, and I want him to see not only the number, but also the name of that partner.

If I just write “VBAK”.“EDIPartner”|| ’ - ’ || “KNA1”.“NAME1”, then it will take the NAME1 of the VBAK.KUNNR.

How do I make it take the NAME1 of the VBAK.EDIPartner?

Hi Masha,

why is it a problem that the NAME1 of the VBAK KUNNR is used? For each KUNNR there should be only one Name1 right? So the one in the VBAK can be used as well.
If not you must try to add a column in the O2C_VBAK with the correct NAME1 and pull the desired column with the respective join.
But I am not sure where you want to get the NAME1 of EDI partner.

Best regards,

Celonis Data Science Team


this is how I solved it at the end - I added additional columns to my O2C_VBAK with Partner number and Partner name.

The VBAK.KUNNR cannot be used. Because for several VBAK.KUNNR there is one EDI Partner Number EDPAR.KUNNR that I am pulling from EDPAR via VBAK.KUNNR = EDPAR.INPNR.

And then for this EDPAR.KUNNR I have to pull the name from the KNA1.

Well, I just thought if there is an option to not create additional columns, but to pull data directly within the analysis (like VLOOKUP really), that would be kind of a cleaner solution.