Variant explorer - Variants by Value on Case table

Hi ,
I want to visualise the most frequent based on the highest to lowest value of the Sales orders.

E.g I have Variant 1 -Sales order -->Delivery–>Invoice and the total value of sales order passing the variants is £200 ,Nr of Sales orders with this Variant -1
Variant 2 - Sales order -->Delivery Value- £100 and Nr of Sales orders passing through - 2

This should be shown as Variant 1, Variant 2 in Variant explorer .
Currently its showing Variant 2–>Variant 1 as its based on frequency.
How can we achieve this?

Hello @swathidreddy,

thank you for your great question and welcome to the Celonis community!

Would it be possible for you to use multiple variant explorers in a sheet and use component filters to filter on high and low values? By doing so you could benchmark the variant of low with the variants of high values.

I made a suggestion in the attached screenshots!

Let me know whether this worked out for you.

Best regards,

Celonis Team

What i meant was the Variants should be sorted on Value rather than frequency.