Variable number of KPI's in a column chart

Hi Community,

is there a way to build a “dynamic” column chart with 1 dimension but several, variable KPI’s?

The problem is, once I include all possible KPIs the bars won’t be displayed anymore. In most cases only a certain number of those KPIs is necessary.

For example:

CASE A: Dimension (matnr.1): KPI1 (2), KPI2 (0 or -), KPI3 (4)
CASE B: Dimension (matnr.2): KPI1 (0 or -), KPI2 (1), KPI3 (0 or -)

In Case A only the KPIs 1 and 3 should be displayed in the column chart.
In Case B same for KPI 2.

Is it possible to change the visibility of KPIs on the basis of the CASE (A or B)?
Maybe by using a parameter?

Thanks for your help!