Variable Formula shown as title

Hi all,

We’re using datepickers that are linked to a variable <%=date%> , which at the same time is being defined by different formulas.

When looking at the title for the date picker, we have chose the text related to the variable <%=date%>
The problem is that when the variable is being defined by a formula, and not a field in a table.

this is also the case when we have graphs associated to the dates, in this case, the whole formula is displayed when the users “hover” over the graph…

we have tried to save the formula as a KPI, at least just to have the KPI name displayed, but in this case the variable will not be set, and the date picker will not work.

Is there any way to avoid showing the whole formula as the title for these cases?

Thank you for your help!



Could you let us know what exactly you want to display as title on the date picker (we are not quite sure what you want to display)? Do you want to display the result of the formula instead of the formula-text?

In this case, your variable is probably defined as “Text/Replacement” (Variable Type), so it shows you the formula-text. You need to change the type to Static Value in order to display the result of the formula (see below).

Let us know if this helps or if you need further assistance!

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HI Benedict, thank you for your reply.

I can’t set the variable to a static since then, it will not work for the dropdown. I still want the users to be able to choose one of the 3 dates and the graphs related to the <%=date%> variable to change accordingly.

As mentioned, the date picker is linked to a dropdown, and this dropdown is defining the variable. I would like the title of it, not to be the formula, but to be the input I’ve set up for them in the dropdown. In this case, either pre-booked, document or received.

Is that possible?

Thank you!


Hey Stephanny,

I think the easiest solution would be to add and define a Second Variable, something like <=%dateText%>, which has the same Name as the Button title. E.g. in your case the Manual Input with the Button title ‘Pre Booked Date’ writes your formula to <=%date%> and the text ‘Pre Booked Date’ to <=%dateText%>.

Then you could proceed and give the Title of the Date Picker the value #{<=%dateText%>}. This way you have the result you want to have.

I hope I could help you some more on this matter! As always, if the are any follow-up questions, feel free to state them here.

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Thanks Benedict, creating the second text variable works!