Variable as Manually Defined Categories

I am trying to allow a bit of “Text Mining” in my analysis and do smth like

CASE WHEN “table1”.“column1” LIKE <%=Variable1%> THEN “table1”.“column1” ELSE NULL END

It works fine with a Variable defined with the help of the “Variable Input” component with ’ ’ to show that’s a text piece. What I would like to do is to manually define some categories as a Variable and use them.

For example


I would like to define Categories like ‘Green’, ‘Red’ and ‘Apples’ (for example in dropdown) so that i can just choose them without need to type them down everytime I need.
Any ideas?


What I usually do is to set the variable through a dropdown button. In the dropdown button component you can specify a formula to populate the dropdown list with values.

Applying multiple selection is a bit trickier but this should work!

I could use the Formula like CASE IF “table1”.“column1” LIKE ‘Yellow’ then ‘Yellow’ Else…

But I’d prefer a manually defined list of “categories” for the search.
Because if I use “Yellow” for the first case IF , I wont be able to look for Mangos…


Nevermind:) your r right:D it works also - I just enter manually the categories I need:D

Thank you!