Using Celonis Snap in Enterprise Environment

Hi all,

Currently we have an IBC license with a couple of processes. However, it would be very useful for us to have a place to sandbox new ideas and use cases, also for other business units. Unfortunately the IBC license has no room for that, but luckily we have Celonis Snap. The only problem there is that security is not very happy with the lack of user and data control. We are curious how other companies deal with this issue. For us, it would be very helpful to have a hybrid solution in the future. In this case, every IBC user automatically has a Snap instance, with the user management and audit tools from the IBC for instance. We would love to have a discussion about your solutions and the product possibilities!


Hi Jan,

what kind of features are you missing? Because with regards to user management Snap & IBC have the same features.


Hi Erin,

Thanks for your reply. As far as we know, we cannot see the list of users in our domain that uses Celonis Snap. For instance, if a colleague with a Celonis Snap account leaves the company, we can remove his/her IBC access, but the personal snap account will still be there, isn’t it?

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OK Now I understand your question. Yes you are right. We will take your feedback into consideration. Thank you so much. Some questions from my side in order to understand more.

Why would you like the Snap instance of this user to be deleted? Because of the data they might upload that are relevant to your company?

Hi Erin,

Nice to hear you would like to take it in consideration. Considering your question, this would be indeed the case. As I stated in the original question, we would like to use snap to test use cases and create business cases, to see if we can expend the usability of Celonis. Unfortunately it is not possible to do this small types of tests within the IBC license, but employees could use Snap for this (with company data). However, the current lack of user control of Snap is the reason we are not cannot use Snap from an IT security perspective.

Thank you so much for your feedback.

Would be a workaround if you use generic emails to sign up for Snap that are managed by your IT team.

For instance and in that Snap instance invite all your colleagues. Then the admin of the team is not a person but your IT department.

That’s a good suggestion indeed, we’ll use it within the discussion. Thanks!