User Level Calculation


I want to calculate the time spent by all users in all the cases handled by them in the ITSM background. Can you please help in the implementation of the same. An example of the problem is given below:-

Case id Eventime Activity User
1 01-01-20 change priority A Solution should be like this:-
1 02-01-20 change severity A Time spent User
1 03-01-20 change owner A 3 days A
1 04-01-20 create action B 2 days B
1 05-01-20 execute action B
2 05-01-20 create ticket B
2 06-01-20 change priority B

Hi Abhitndn,

As I understand your question, you want to differentiate between the users and see how much each user spends in the ITSM background. Is that correct? For this, my approach would be the following:

i) Use the column “UserID” as dimension.

ii) For the KPI calculation use the following PQL-Function:


This function sums up the throughput time for all cases from case start to case end. The result is the number of days.
You can also adjust the start and end activity to your liking as well as the unit of the result. Possible units are DAYS , HOURS , MINUTES , SECONDS or MILLISECONDS.

Best regards,
Celonis Data Science Team

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Yeah that’s partially correct but in my scenario activities within a case is done by multiple users so I want to pick only those activities for my calculation which are performed by specific user and calculate time spent