User Interface Improvements - Rebranding to EMS Style

With the announcement of the new Execution Management System software category, we have brought our design and user experience to the next level. As of November 19th 2020, Celonis has a new look and feel with improved usability and accessibility to all our cloud users.

Our Inspiration

Our brand new user experience strives to marry James Bond’s professionalism with his inherent joie de vivre (but instead of serving Her Majesty the Queen, it serves our users). We want end-users to experience the EMS with sharp efficiency and delight. And just like a successful spy always has the right tools at their disposal, we believe so should our users with the Celonis EMS.

To stick with the James Bond theme, have you ever wondered why the franchise has always been so successful? It’s the simplicity and the patterns that repeatedly draw us back to the movie theaters. Execution apps, too, rely on repeatable patterns, narratives, and flows, to solve a large variety of business cases.

Features and Benefits

Our updated visual language includes crisp colors, clean typography, and new visual imagery to showcase our corporate identity while making the EMS a joy to use. Sharp contrasts, the UI’s versatility, and carefully selected color palettes support your success with the best possible accessibility and usability.

  • Better accessibility through optimized contrasts and colors, suitable for colorblind and vision impared users
  • Improved readability through font optimization and styling
  • Improved usability through user flow optimizations in execution apps
  • Unified visual design


To be honest, this looks really bad. The tags section in Process analytics is almost unreadable now due to the dark grey color coding. The previous styling had more of a warm welcoming mood but this one looks boring. I am not sure how did someone convince the team that this design is better than the previous one.
(My comments are strictly on the basis of user experience and I am not aware of any technical improvements that might be the reason for this change)

For me the new visual is also not perfect. I dont like the icons for the analyses in the process analytics. Those vertical straps in the icons are somehow tiring for the eyes in my opinion.

Thank you, anak and ksitarsk, for your feedback!

We really appreciate the specificity of your comments and suggestions.

The feedback of our user base will be factored into the continuous improvement of the software, so we love to hear more of your and other community members’ feedback.

Michael and the Product Team