Use divide to calculate rework ratio KPI


please help me understand how to use divide in order to calculate the activity/case ratio for particular activity. Separately functions work as expected (total number of acitvity “change price” occurances & total number of cases with ‘change price’) When I divide these two figures in one formula I get 1 as result, although I would expect something like 1.26. It doesnt matter what format I use (with decimals etc). Can you please tell me what is wrong with my reasoning? Thank you



Celonis has kind of special way to handle data types. If you divide integer by integer (both count statements in your formula return integer) it will assume that result should be integer as well and will automatically round it ignoring format. Multiply either of operands by 1.0 (make it 1.0 not 1) so it will be float and your division will work as expected.


i also struggled with this Problem before and can confirm that the solution of is correct. It is also relevant when dealing with the FLOOR function, for instance.


Thank you both for your help. Indeed, now it works as expected.