Use Celonis External Trigger

Hello together

I want to use the Celonis External Trigger to start the Celonis reload as soon as my Tables from the Database gets new Data.

I know the external Trigger has a sql-querry description on how to implement it to a external Database, however I don’t get it to work.

Has anybody an example on how to use the external trigger concretely and where to implement it exactly.

(I did notice, it also changed a bit from the structure of how to implement it)

Thanks in advance

Marlon Weiss

Dear Marlon,

the guide in screenshot you attached shows a basic implementation of the trigger based load:

  1. The first step is to create a table on the desired database according to the example DML statement (in your case the table is called AIO_RELOAD_TRIGGER_TABLE).

  2. Afterwards, a connection to the database / schema with the new table has to be established (sapq3c - integration (CELONIS_E2E)

  3. After assigning the table and the respective columns in the dropdowns, you can choose an identifier for the Data Model. In your case it is ‘AIO Group Assignment Trigger (Q3C)’ (the single quotes might cause some issues here).

Now, whenever Celonis detects an entry in AIO_RELOAD_TRIGGER_TABLE with the Data Model identifier ‘AIO Group Assignment Trigger (Q3C)’ and a RELOAD_START_TIME = NULL, it will automatically trigger a reload of the Data Model.

In the screenshot you also see an example of how to trigger the load by an insert statement. In your case it would look something like this:


(Please notice that you used single quotes in the Data Model identifier. Those also required in the respective DB entry)

Celonis will then automatically populate the RELOAD_START_TIME column, once the load was started (this can take around 5 minutes after the insert). The other two columns (RELOAD_SUCCESS_TIME & RELOAD_MESSAGE) will be populated respectively.

For your specific use case, you would have to insert the Data Model identifier into the trigger table, whenever you detect e.g. a certain amount of new entries in one of the tables with the business data.

I hope that helps!

Best Regards,
The Celonis Product Management Team