Usages of dashboards in Celonis

Dear All,

We have created lots of analytics, cockpits, dashboards for our approx 500 users. We would now like to create usage analytics for these cockpits & dashboards. For instance which user has used which cockpits/dashboards and how many times in a day. Which is the most used analysis?

Could you please help me understand on how to get the logs/data for this type of analysis and how to create usage analysis?

Please note we are using Celonis IBC.
Thanks in advance!

Hello @Shivani1109,
we have a small “usage stats” app which allows you to do some of the things you are mentioning. Please reach out to stating the team you want to have it activated for.
Thank you!

Hello Celonis Team,

Thanks for your response!

Wanted to know if this “usage stats” app is comes with some additional cost or it gets covered as part of the existing license.
Also do we have any demo video available for “usage stats”?

Looking forward for your response.


Hi Team,

Looking forward for the various solutions for usage analytics.

Kindly help.


Hi @Shivani1109,
the app is covered with the existing license.
here you can see how it looks like:

Like I said it won’t cover everything you are looking for, but, from our experience, provides many of the most important metrics.
I suggest you try it out to see if it fits your needs.

Nicolas from Celonis

Hi Team,

Thanks for your response.

This seems useful to me. Could you please provide some guide to setup this? Currently I Just can see below screenshots while accessing this app.

Hi @Shivani1109,
this might be an issue of your Browser (e.g. an extension that is blocking something) or the network you are in.
Network seems to be more likely. Can you try with Chrome and another network connection? e.g. outside the corporate network.