'Update: Mass Transactions' activity errored out after 21 hours

We are running into issues with the OTC standard transformation activity - ‘Update: Mass Transactions’. The step is failing with the following error -

Error transforming data: ErrorException: [Vertica]VJDBC ERROR: Receive on v_celonis_node0001: Message receipt from v_celonis_node0003 failed []. Celonis Support ID: e06860b7-5fdd-46fe-a1bf-7ce6a3130a4c

The _CEL_O2C_ACTIVITIES has 153 million rows at this moment.

Question -

  • Is it because of these high number of entries that the step is failing?
  • Are there any work arounds?
  • If I disable this step, then I will probably not get a true picture of automation vs manual activities carried out in my model. Will there be any other impacts if I disable this step?

Appreciate all comments/feedback on this.


Hi JP,

can you please create a ticket at our servicedesk via https://servicedesk.celonis.com or e-mail to servicedesk@celonis.com
They can support with these kind of error messages.