Transfer data between Data Pools

Can anyone suggest an option to test the Data Transfer functionality in Celonis? This is not enabled in Celonis TRY or SNAP as of now.
Will this feature allow me to extract the data once and use it in different data pools as in the documentation?

Hey @anak, thanks for reaching out!

The functionality allows you to share all tables and views from one data connection of one pool with another data pool. Essentially it creates views in the second data pool that link to the first one.

If you read the documentation carefully, you first have to setup the extraction and then the import. It also states that this is not a one time extract but a constant connection. If new rows are added to the tables and views of the exported Data Connection, the data will be available automatically in the importing Data Pools. However, if the structure of the tables change or tables are added/removed, the Data Connection needs to be synchronized by hand.

In terms of testing the data transfer functionality, there is no best practice. However to start with small amounts of data, you could create a new Data Pool with just one table, export this to your other Data Pools and import it from there. If this works, you are good to go.

Just to make sure, you can find the documentation here:

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