Total Purchase Order Value (converted in EUR)


Hello Celonis community,

I’m struggling with the PO-Value (converted in EUR) for our PR to PO process.

I just found the "EKPO.NETWR_CONVERTED” on item-level.

Is there any existing datafield (EKKO) or could somebody help me with the statement on header-level (Key: Source-System and Document No)?

Your help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and kind regards,



Hi Christine,

in order to calculate the net order value on header level, you can use the PU function which sums up every item value to the header value:


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Hi Viana,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Maybe I have to expend my question.

For our dashboards we want to cluster the PO value to certain value ranges. These we want to use e.g. in a filter or chart.

Variable 1 (PO_Total_Value):


Variable 2 (PO_Value_Range):

CASE WHEN VARIABLE(<%= PO_Total_Value %>) >= 0 AND VARIABLE(<%= PO_Total_Value %>) < 25000 THEN ‘0 - 25.000 EUR’
WHEN VARIABLE(<%= PO_Total_Value %>) >= 25000 AND VARIABLE(<%= PO_Total_Value %>) < 50000 THEN ‘25.000 - 50.000 EUR’
WHEN VARIABLE(<%= PO_Total_Value %>) >= 50000 AND VARIABLE(<%= PO_Total_Value %>) < 100000 THEN ‘50.000 - 100.000 EUR’
ELSE ‘> 100.000 EUR’

With just the NETWR_CONVERTED it works like this.

Kindly regards,