Time dimension Transformation Center

Hello everybody,

I am fairly new to Celonis and am just discovering the Transformation Center, yet couldn’t find any documentation on my question, which is why I am turning to the community here.

I am currently setting up a KPI in the Transformation Center and am struggling with the field “Time dimension”. I want to set the time dimension at the eventtime of a specific actitivity (in my case Create Purchase Order Item). While I can choose “_CEL_P2P_ACTIVITIES”.“EVENTTIME”, I am not able to choose, which event I am actually looking at timestampwise. I tried this: “_CEL_P2P_ACTIVITIES”.“EVENTTIME”, “_CEL_P2P_ACTIVITIES”.“ACTIVITY_EN” = ‘Create Purchase Order Item’, which didn’t work.

Do you have a solution to this?

Would be greatly appreciated!

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I have the exact same issue. Did you managed to retrieve a solution?

Thank you in advance