Throughput time of each activity in the process (without Endtime field)

Hi All,
I have the following requirement:
Suppose a process is as Start->A->B->C->D->E->End. Now, I would like to view the Avg Throughtput Time for Activity E.
There are cases where the process flows from A->E, B-> E, C->E and D->E. (different variations)
So the logic should then calculate the Average of the Time Differences between Activity E and the activities which occur just before Activity E. (could be any one of A / B / C / D).
We don’t have the Endtime field. (it wouldv’e then been just a diff b/w Starttime - Endtime)

I hope the requirement seems clear. Your help would be highly appreciated.

Thank You.

Hi @Keshav,

As far as I understand your issue correctly, you are looking for a PQL statement that measures a Subprocess Cycle Time.

PU_FIRST(“Case Table”, “Activity Table”.“EVENTTIME”, “Activity Table”.“Activity Column” = ‘Your Activity START’ ),
PU_LAST(“Case Table”, “Activity Table”.“EVENTTIME”, “Activity Table”.“Activity Column” = ‘Your Activity END’)

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Hi @j.stegmaier
Thanks for the response but I’m not looking for a particular Subprocess Cycle Time.
In the query shared by you, I would need to input 2 Activities: ‘Start Activity’ and ‘End Activity’.
However in my scenario, I only wish to input ‘End Activity’. Any activity that comes directly before that should be considered as Start Activity and I need the average of the throughput times of all such cases. For instance, (refer attached screenshot) I need to find the Avg Throughput Time for Book Invoice. So I need my query to give the result as:
Avg(Time between ‘Create Purchase Order’ to ‘Book Invoice’ AND ‘Change Price’ to ‘Book Invoice’ AND ‘Receive Goods’ to ‘Book Invoice’ AND …) There could be different start Activities directly followed by ‘Book Invoice’. I need the Avg time considering all those scenarios.
Hope this gives some clarity n the requirement.