Throughput Time for Violation

Hi Team,

We are trying to build a dashboard to monitor our Conformance modules across analyses. We want to see in an OLAP table, the throughput times or the “longer by/shorter by” time
for each of the violations.

Is there a way by which I can use the Conformance formula to find the throughput time for different violations in an OLAP Table? Right now I am successfully able to pull the list of violations using the readable command on the Conformance formula using Petri nets. However, the throughput time I add to the table is different from the ones that I see on my Conformance Module.

Please let me know if that is possible

Thanks in advance


there are multiple functions that you can use to recreate the violations found in conformance checker and to measure the throughput time.
You could use VARIANT() function as a dimension and add the throughput time as a KPI.
Or in case you would like to analyze more specific variants, you can also analyze process flows using match_process_regex functionality (you can find more information on it here: )
and then measure the throughput time for the defined process flow.

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