Throughput from Date column to Activity event time

Hi all

I am trying to calculate throughout time from a date column (Scheduled Due Date) to an activity event time (Record Goods Issue). I have tried CALC_THROUGHPUT and SOURCE/TARGET but it looks like the only way these will work is if I define Scheduled Due Date as an activity.

Is there a way of coding this without creating a new activity?


Not sure if I understood your question completely but looks like your are trying to calculate time between scheduled time (from scheduled Date) and actual (from event Date)?

Sorry yes, throughput time between a column date in a table (scheduled date) and an event time for an activity (actual date) - we could script scheduled date as an activity but I wonder if there is a way to manage this via the analysis.


Hi Oliver,

It sounds to me that a simple OLAP table is the only thing you need. To show the difference per case, use the following settings:


  1. Case ID
  2. Scheduled Date Column (for verification)
  3. Actual Date Column (for verification)
  4. DATEDIFF(ss, Scheduled Date Column, Actual Date Column)

To highlight cases that are for instance too late in your analysis, use the following filter:
FILTER DATEDIFF(ss, Scheduled Date Column, Actual Date Column) > 0.0

Note that ‘ss’ here stands for seconds, and will return the time difference in seconds. For more information and other time unit notations, see the documentation: