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To help other students, it would be great if you could upload your completed theses here as a pdf! :slight_smile:
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Process Mining - Construction of an Event Log and Process Discovery within a Return- Order Process

In context of the Supply Chain Management process of return orders in SAP, this thesis emphasizes on developing a step-by-step guide for the construction of an event log, in order to enable Process Mining and subsequently evaluating the Discovered process model.

MasterThesis 2020.pdf (5.6 MB)


The purpose of this teaching case, introducing how process mining from Celonis is conducted, illustrates how the technology can help organizations optimize operations and its advantages within a digital transformation. To explore the practical perspective, the case demonstrates how the process mining technology is implemented within companies, how inefficiencies are detected and eliminated, and which results in companies can derive its application. Also, throughout the case, critical enablers of process mining to reap the best results are characterized.

Celonis Master Thesis - Teaching Case.pdf (1.8 MB)