Thesis Pitch template

If you need further support than what you could find here, for instance through expert interviews, or if you want to work closely with us to develop new use cases or features, we kindly ask you to submit a pitch of your idea. A template for the pitch is attached, and you can download a MS Word file for the pitch here.
Pitch_template_thesis_programme.docx (84.1 KB)

Submit your pitch to with the subject “Thesis pitch”.

Pitches are reviewed internally twice a month (usually on the 1st and 15th of each month). You will hear back from us shortly after these dates.

We are happy to support you further! Please note that due to the high amount of requests we are receiving, we cannot support every idea, and we need to prioritize by estimating the effort needed on our side vs. scientific value, customer value, and the value for Celonis. In our evaluation, we are using the Celonis values as a guideline, including the FISA principle.

Please do not submit requests without using the pitch template.