The Celonis Studio is live!

We recently launched the Execution Management System and with it three Celonis-developed Execution Apps and three partner-developed Execution Apps (you can check them out in our EMS Store).

But there are potentially hundreds more Execution Applications and Instruments still waiting to be developed. That’s why we have brought all the powerful analytics and automation capabilities of the Execution Management System platform together into the user-friendly Celonis Studio, a low-code development environment that we released in beta mid of October 2020.

The Studio allows you to build, publish, and distribute execution apps & instruments from a single low-code interface. The Business Views tab allows your organization to access the apps & instruments you’ve built.

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To build an app or instrument, citizen developers can use the following building blocks:

The Studio is released to all EMS teams and available for everyone to get started with execution instruments (creating packages with analyses). Learn how to build execution instruments with this getting started guide.

The capabilities to build execution apps (incl. Views and Knowledge Models) are available on request. But first, take a look and get familiar with the new concepts by taking the App Creator Training course, available on our LMS platform. Furthermore, you find the full Studio documentation here.

To get more details on which functionalities, features, and components are released for the Studio check out the release notes here.

Looking forward to your feedback regarding the Studio!

All the best

Sabeth, Product Lead Celonis Studio, & the entire Studio Team!