Task Mining Version 2 is live!

The recently launched Celonis Execution Management System and Execution Apps seamlessly integrate all process data from your transactional systems and your organization’s desktops. Task Mining is the powerful Celonis technology that combines the data of how people interact with applications on their desktops with the business data from your transactional systems.

In this context, we are happy to announce the release of Task Mining Client Version 2.0, the software that connects your desktop data with the Execution Management System.


  • A brand-new UI with a fresh look and feel and improved user flow
  • Customizable user consent
  • Re-designed UI of Configuration Editor with in-app documentation
  • New installers supporting installations without admin rights
  • Various bug fixes
  • And many more

Check out the realease notes for a comprehensive list of new features and bugfixes.

Looking forward to your feedback!

All the best
Andreas, Product Manager Task Mining & the entire Task Mining Team!

How to download the Celonis Task Mining Client to utilize it for desktop task mining?

The setup guide describes the required steps. Please reach out to your Celonis Customer Success Manager or Servicedesk to get it activated.

Thank you for the response Plieninger. I had tried this link earlier. But I am not sure as to what should I enter team domain, realm. What should I select from demo, try, training, eu1 etc and then how to get access to the same from my email id. It will be helpful if I can connect with someone to discuss over call.

+91 9595789515

Dear Ashish2,
I forwarded your request internally. A colleague should soon reach out to you!