Table compiler not implemented - error message

I have 2 variables.
TPT_Unit can be days, hours or minutes and the user can change / set the value via a button drop-down.
TargetCT_Days is the target cycle time in days, inputted via a Variable input field.
I would like to calculate the cycle time corresponding to the unit selected (and use it to calculate the difference between the actual CT and the target CT).
However when I try a CASE WHEN… statement I receive an error message “Table compiler not implemented”
What am I doing wrong?
Thank you for any pointers on how this can be achieved!

Hi @rita.kiss,

What is the content of the two variables you are using in this query? Does the OLAP table have other dimensions that could cause the error? And which Celonis product are you using (CPM4.5, CPM4.6, IBC, …)?


Hi David,
There is no OLAP table, it’s just the variables.

  1. Variable 1: TPT_Unit with possible values: days, hours, minutes
  2. Variable 2: TargetCT_Days - this is input via variable input, number
  3. TargetCT_Calculated: this is supposed to be calculated (see case when statement in the picture). The calculation works without the case when statement so it’s not a data format issue. Also, I tried to wrap it in an aggregation function - that also doesn’t help.
    We have on-premise v1.23 - I don’t know if that answers the question. If not, please let me know where I can see the CPM number.
    Thank you!


unfortunately I cannot reproduce your issue. Please check the following things:

  • You need to wrap single quotes around the time unit value that comes from your variable. You either can put them around the unit string inside the variable (TPT_Unit content would be 'Days', not Days ), or you put them where you call the variable in your CASE WHEN ('<%=TPT_Unit%>' instead of <%=TPT_Unit%>).
  • You cannot nest variables. If you are trying to create a variable TargetCT_Calculated using the other two variables TPT_Unit and TargetCT_Days, that will not work. However, you can use variables inside saved formulas.

If that does not solve your issue, please create a ticket at our servicedesk via or e-mail to . In the ticket, please also mention the version number and the content of your variables.

Thanks and best regards