Stacked bar chart

Is it possible to create a stacked bar chart with Celonis ?
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Hi Robin,

Yes, you can create this in Celonis. To do so please create an Column Chart and create the KPIs you want to stack. Afterwards, in the component options, you need to choose the data series of your KPIs from the dropdown and enable the Box “stacked” in the data series settings. With this the KPIs will be stacked on one Bar. See the screenshot below.

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Hello Viana,
Thank you for your help, it works now.
(I didn’t think of stacking the datas myself, I was trying to make it work in a “pivot table way”)
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I think my questions relates to the same topic but is still different as I dont want to create a second KPI. What I want to do is to create a column chart which shows one KPI but differentiates the PO TYP within every column. (see jpg) The chart shows the sum of the volume per Week and PO Typ.

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unfortunately, in Celonis it is not possible to create different dimensions within one KPI. So, to design a bar chart like in your screenshot you can create a KPI for every dimension you want to display within your original KPI. Then, you have to stack these KPIs to generate a differentiated bar in your chart.
As in your example, you can use a CASE WHEN statement for the single KPIs:

Example PO Type 1

        WHEN "VBAK"."AUART" = ' PO Type 1'
        THEN 1
        ELSE 0

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Hi Viana,

I think the link to the screenshot is broken. Could you please reupload a screenshot of how to stack columns in a column chart?


Hi Burke,

please let me know if you see the screenshot now:

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Thanks, I see it now