Sorting of Pivot table values by total column(KPI summary column)



Is there any way we can sort the pivot table by total column (KPI summary column)? example- in below screenshot I would like my pivot table to be sorted on case count column descending.


Dear Sapre,

unfortunately this is not possible.
If you have multiple dimensions defined in your Pivot table, sorting the table by KPI “Case count” would interfere with the arrangement of the row labels.

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Thank you for your reply. It would be really nice to have this sorting just like an excel as businesses generally have big data and pivot table take little time to load on every scroll up/down also its not very useful to see data by dimensions alphabetically. In Pivot values as KPI are more relevant and first point of focus is always on high KPI value. Perhaps you can consider this for future enhancements.


Hi @asapre,

Thanks for your input! I will forward this feature request to our development team.
Best regards