Snap : change team name

Hi all,

How to change the team name on Snap? I saw under “Team settings” > “Settings” that it is possible to change the team name but it always roll back the change.

In fact I have a team with my personnal name and I want to change it with my enterprise name.

Could anyone help?



Hello @nico_eta,

can you please let me know the current name of your team and what would be the preferred one?

Hello e.ndrio,

The current name of the team is : “Snap-nicolas-forster-eta-ch”. I want to change it to “ETA SA” or “ETA”. I can change it but after a while it rolls back to the original name.

My idea is to have only the company name is the team name and not my name. It’s better to share our work inside the company.

Thanks for your help

Nicolas Forster

Hi @nico_eta, I will contact you via email.