Sizing of your Celonis App-Server


Dear community,

I would like to get a rough overview on how your Celonis App-Servers are sized. Interesting for me is information about

  1. Process (O2C, P2P, …) and Celonis Version
    O2C, 4.5
  2. Number of Cases
    38 mio.
  3. Number of Activities
  4. Number of rows of Activity-table
    300 mio.
  5. CPUs of App-Server
    64 Cores
  6. Memory of App-Server
    128 GB

I really appreciate your answers and wish all of you “Happy Easter!” :rabbit:

Best regards,

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Hi Marcel,

thank you for posting this interesting question. I’m happy to support here with forwarding your request to your responsible Customer Success Manager. He will in turn then come back to you with suitable contacts to and benchmarking values of other customers. In the meantime, if you have any further questions regarding app server sizing, I’m also happy to help here.

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Celonis Server with different nodes

Hi all,

I was about to post a similar question: what are suggested and experiences server sizes (mainly memory and CPUs)?

We are connecting Celonis to a central process data repository, hence loading in 110+ million events, over millions of cases but also over 700+ different processes. We just increased our memory to 64Gb since 32Gb caused Celonis to hang when triggering the process or variant explorers.

Looking forward to your experiences!

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Hi joosbuijs,

may I ask how many CPUs your server has configured?

Thank you!


If I recall correctly it’s 1 (multicore) CPU.