Size of Beads in Simulation while moving from one Activity Node to another


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I have query and have attached a picture of it in this Topic.
While running simulation, I have observed that the beads move from one activity to another but have different sizes.
Can you please tell me what does the different sizes of the beads technically/functionally mean(image attached). I was assuming that the size of the beads should be uniform as it indicates individual cases. Please correct me if I’m wrong.Thank You.

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Dear Jayanta,

thank you for reaching out via the Celonis Community Forum as many users might have the same question in the future.

You are referring to the Process Animation. There are two ways to display this Process Animation:

1: Variant Explorer: By clicking on the play button next to a certain variant you will see the process flow for this specific variant. The bubble size will be always the same as well as the bubble speed.

2: Process Explorer: By clicking on the play button on the top left corner of the Process Explorer you will see the process flow based on a certain grouping, e.g. grouping by day. In this case the bubble size displays the number of aggregated cases. Their speed varies accordingly to their throughput time.

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Thank You @datascience