Show values although there is noch key connection

Dear all,

I have connected two table via a key, example

Table 1
T1.Banf T1.Pos T1.Wert
123 10 X
124 10 Y

Table 2
T2.Banf T2.Pos T1.Wert
123 10 X
124 10 Y
1235 10

Key: Banf, Pos

In Table 2 I show the values of Field “Wert” from Table 1. For Banf 123 and 124 it works as the key is working. For 1235 it does not work.

The whole case is not visible. I want to show the case, just the value of T1.Wert should be empty or any text like ‘no value’.

How ist that possible? With CASE WHEN ISNULL… it did not work.

Many thx and br