Show MONTH() result in text

The result of the MONTH() function is a number (1-12). However, we would like to show this a ‘jan’, ‘feb’, etc. Is there a function/way to do this easily (we’re on-premise 4.5) that I’m overlooking, or should I build a custom formula to do this translation?

I found a (partial) solution. In the 4.3 version documentation there is detailed information on the formatting options (
Tip: It would be nice if this list would make it to the 4.5/4.6/IBC/SNAP documentation.

In my case %b is the solution, which formats a date as an abbreviated month name.

However, now I’m looking at how to sort this correctly, i.e. ‘jan’, ‘feb’, ‘mar’ etc.
My current function is ROUND_MONTH() because this still returns a date format. But when sorting, it does not result in the desired order. I’m looking for ideas on how to solve this.


regarding the sorting of the month, I could just think of a workaround like Maxi has suggested in this post.
For the feature proposal, I recommend to raise a feature request.

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