Setup of a Bottleneck Analysis over time: where do I need more resources


We are looking with our O2C Process in the topic “Bottleneck analysis”. We like to understand from the past in at which activity we had increases of TPT combined with little resources. This is a very interesting topic but also quite a tough one. Since we do not know the “normal” capacity of an employer and we do not know if all Resources we see are really full time work in this activity. We are trying at the moment with some trend graph for certain from and To activities but then of course you need to know which activity you should look for. I do no need any name of user but the critical activity and when should be enough.

I saw a video of MyInvenio which shows what is possible with process mining:

Maybe you have even better ideas.

Many thanks.

Best regards Hans.


Dear Hans,

For an automatic overview of the throughput time bottlenecks the Conformance Checker is a best way.

You can set up a process model in the edit mode (either create it yourself, load from file or select conforming variants from data).

Then run analysis and it will show all possible violations and their impact on the throughput time.

For each violation, you can perform a root case analysis which identifies possible reasons for this violation to appear.


Dear Oleh,

Thanks for your input. I understand what you want to do. I does not cover my problem I am afraid. I like to do a classical capacity planning which you would normally do in a factory. Every activity is like a step in a production line and has variable ressources. I like to see which of the activities has an overload of activities over time. We for example are selling 30%-40 % over our turnover in the last 2 months. Which activities were bottlenecks and should have more resources next year? The bottlenecks technically are seen an increasement of TPT for that connection an a piling up of “waiting cases”.
It would be great in case a automatic algorithm does a scanning over a certain time op period and tells us automatically which connection and activities are bottlenecks. And if a simulation e.g. increasing the amount of resource by x % to see where the next bottleneck is.

Best Regards,