Set up SAP Automations without any technical knowledge

We recently released a major simple SAP automation feature in the Automation Engine that brings SAP automations in the Execution Management System to a new level.

Set up SAP automations without any technical knowledge
You can now simply select what to automate in SAP (e.g., changing the delivery date of a sales order). Celonis Automation Engine takes care of the technical part.

Select “Execute SAP Action”


Choose your Business Object e.g. Sales Order and the Action you would like to execute. Fill in the required inputs (that are automatically loaded for you) to complete the configuration.

Leverage 40+ pre-built SAP actions
You can leverage 40+ out-of-the-box SAP automations to immediately implement common use cases and realize business value. Besides, also custom use cases and SAP actions are supported (Execute SAP Action (Advanced)).

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